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Transfer towards Mendoza

Day 2. MENDOZA - PENITENTES (2,600 meters)
Arrival to Mendoza (Bus station or airport). Early comply with the requirement of getting a permit personally for long trekking. In case of entering by chile the permission can be drawn directly on the day of admission in the park entrance at the Rangers office in Horcones.
Transfer to Penitents 3 pm approx. (To coordinate options-Uspallata express or see possibility of private transport)
Reception of the group in Penitentes
POINT OF MEETING: Hostel Aconcagua -- Penitentes, where we will lodge rooms with shared bath in groups of 2, 4, o 6 -.
HOUR OF MEETING: starting at 16:30 pm.
Then organize the cargo that the mules will carry to our camp in Confluencia and to the base camp at Plaza de Mulas. In the afternoon talking to finalize details of the schedule and equipment. Trip around Puente del Inca. Dinner.

Day 3. PENITENTES (2,600 meters) - CONFLUENCIA (3,200 meters) Time: 2 to 5 hs
Breakfast. Departure from Penitentes in truck bound to Quebrada de Horcones, the path is up to the Rangers Refuge "Los Pioneros" where we will provide our entry permits and check in. From there we will start to walk by the cost of the Laguna de Horcones and then to the Quebrada del Durazno Bridge. After traveling the valley for about 3 hs we will camp in a place called CONFLUENCIA (3200 m). There we´ll be received in our dining tent, with a picnic and we will lodge in dorms tents (option: doble beds with mattresses or tents for two persons with mattresses, limited according to availability). Ordering the equipment and permanent hydration to be free from the symptoms of altitude. In the evening dinner and sleep early to prepare for the expedition to Plaza Francia.

Day 4. CONFLUENCIA (3200 m) - PLAZA FRANCIA (4200 m) - CONFLUENCIA (3200 meters) Time 5 to 9 pm (round trip) Acclimatization Period
After breakfast we prepare our backpacks with trekking food (lunch box) and enough water to begin trekking to aclimatate, towards Plaza Francia (4200 m). This place is located at the foot of the spectacular South Wall, is used as a base camp for those who seek the difficult ascent by this way. During the tour we will walk over the Glaciers that gave birth to Inferior Horcones River and at the end of the tour we will be able to appreciate the canals of ice and snow and other natural beauties of this gigantic 3000 mts natural wall. Back to Confluencia by the same way and dinner at the Camp.
Day 5 : Rest in Camp Confluencia – short walk through the area.
Main objective of this day is to regain strength and prepare for the hardest day of trekking that is the following, where we´ll get to Plaza de Mulas -
You can make short walks to the old camp ground, place of natural water sources and today in a period of recovery, or visiting nearby creeks.
The hydration and good food will be the main objective of this day -
Reading, music, dinner, rest early.

Day 6. PLAZA DE MULAS (4250 meters) Time from 7 to 10 pm
We will have an early breakfast and march towards Plaza de Mulas (4250 m). This is the base camp of the normal route. We will begin the trek through the ancient Confluencia, traversing the bridge that allows us to cross Horcones river, to begin immediately with a gently slope that slowly we will leave behind and which places us at the beginning of the Playa Ancha (wide beach) and continuing westward we will leave behind La Piedra Grande (the huge rock) and the Quebrada del Sargento Mas(stream of Sergeant Mas) as well as Punta Pirámide (pyramid tip) and begin to see the cerro Dedos (fingers) and at the end the Playa Angosta (Narrow Beach). Passing through the abandoned shelter Ibañez we will start a winding road with little hills, but the view of the amazing Cerro Cuerno(horns)will give us energy to feel ever nearer to our goal: Plaza de Mulas. Passing trought the Destroyed Refuge of the old Plaza de Mulas Inferior (4050 meters) we will begin from there to hike the Cuesta Brava, and after that we will finally get to Plaza de Mulas. There there is settled our own services camp consisting of a fully equipped kitchen tent, a dining tent, a bathroom and a deposit tent for the expedition equipment. Our assistant will wait us with the reception meal and then dinner. Already in the heart of Aconcagua our night will be in tents.
Day 7 PLAZA DE MULAS (4250 meters) Resting day
Rest in Plaza de Mulas camp. Tour to the Plaza de Mulas Refuge Hotel, that has been for years the world's highest hotel, where apart from the Public Telephone and Internet service has one of the most awesome views of the entire route normal ascent to Aconcagua.
Hiking the higher Horcones glacier - Photos - Dinner 

Day 8. PLAZA DE MULAS (4250 meters) PENITENTES (2600 meters) from 6 to 8 hs.
Early breakfast. Beginning of the return to Penitentes, by the same way we have ascended. In the Horcones Ranger´s Refuge we will be picked up by a vehicle that will take us to Aconcagua Hostel, where we will have a restorative shower and dinner.

Breakfast at the Hostel and end of services. Close to the hostel is the bus stop to take Expreso Uspallata that will take you to Mendoza.
Time 6 to 7 hs (round trip)
After breakfast, we leave Plaza de Mulas with our small backpack, extra clothes, water and a lunch box to perform the ascension to C° Bonete. Due to its location in a southerly direction gives us a better perspective and real dimension of the mountain we have in front of us, the Aconcagua, and we made it clear that it is the highest on the continent and that it is clearly a thousand meters higher than all its neighbours in the area.
We have a beautiful view of the creek Matienzo one of the most beautiful and least visited of the Province.
Surely the height will give us a first shot making us realize why it is so important to note the period of acclimation and good hydration. But the prize of treading the mini-summit is worth the effort. At night dinner at the Base Camp.


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Service includes:

• 2 nights accommodation Hostel Aconcagua (Penitents) with ½ pension
• 3 days of service at Camp Confluence full board and dorms tent.
• 3 Days of Service in Camp Plaza de Mulas- Full Board and High Mountain tents for 2 persons for sleeping
• Professional Mountain Guides and Assistant depending on he quantity (enabled by the Provincial Park ACONCAGUA)
• Sent cargo by mules to the camps Confluence and Plaza de Mulas (15 kg. Per pax each destination)
• The medical service is included within the Rangers services – the group´s Guide carries all the time First Aid Equipement. (It is recommended to carry personal medication if needed)
• Optional Day in Confluence
• Optional Day in Plaza de Mulas with ascention to Cerro Bonete

Not included:

• Transfer to Mendoza
• Transfer Mendoza-Penitents
• Trekking Permission (value of u$s 70.00 DNRM Season 2007 / 8)
• Expenses incurred by abandoning the expedition. (Guide companion to download, meals, etc.).
• Personal equipment needed for the expedition.

long trekking to plaza de mulas

COST: u$s 550.- (Dollars)

Subject to change depending on price updating season 2009

Form of payment: to agree

Reservation trought payment or deposit of U$S 100 (Via PayPal, Payoneer or Xoom)

Name: Pablo Andres PILOTTA, Aconcagua Certified Guide

Balance payable in cash the meeting day, before beginning the trip.

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